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GPS Tracking

Woodpecker IT Solutions has more than 2 years of experience in Installing GPS Tracking System and have multiple clients and customers in and around Kumbakonam.

WITS focuses on Providing solutions for tracking with GPS hardware, including personal GPS tracking devices, Child GPS trackers, GPS trackers for containers & trailers, and home security as well as a complete range of in-vehicle permanently mounted with GPS Tracking devices. We also focus on Remote Data Transmission for our clients as per their needs.

Our Services

School Bus Tracking

School Bus Tracking helps school admin to track the bus, its fuel level, etc via School Admin App and also, helps parents to track the bus with parents app for on-time bus arrival, etc.

Fleet Management

Improve your vehicle fleet performance with real-time tracking.

  • Real-time tracking
  • Route replay
  • Geo-fencing
  • Geo-tagging
  • Fuel Tracking
  • Overspeeding alerts
  • SMS alerts

Personal GPS Tracking

Personal GPS Tracking system helps parents/guardians to take care of their elderly ones, their kids with real-time tracking, Voice monitoring, Geo Fencing, etc.

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