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A solution is usually English, which means “answer” or “solution”. IT conditions, companies find it difficult to eliminate inconvenience in business and facial services, and therefore such a referenced information system is provided.

The “Information System of Construction” component, as required, refers only to cases that do not include “problem-solving in the direction of problem-solving” or “some way to solve the desired problem.”

The solution configuration for the components is hardware, software, knowledge-how, and staff, as well as a wide variety. Customers in the state and every one of them must be friendly. According to this proposal, the satisfaction of the customer must be perfectly created. Instead of having problems, each company faces the same problems, for example, “sales growth” and “cost reduction”, “improving customer satisfaction”, “business capacity”, “strengthening competition”, “internal control”, maintenance and the like “.

Business organizations are sometimes called “Solution vendors” or “Satisfaction providers” and provide solutions.

The background established as a solutions business could grow in the next situation. That is, the sophistication of complexity and the business content business is going on, only recognizable information systems have become impossible if run on easily solved issues, on the other hand, system building is also another business system of cooperation and further, suppliers and customers of connection systems are required. And more and more complexity increases, as is the case. Now, with the building system having the impossible ability to be seen as companies in the information systems department, the solution to the problem is a solution to expectations.

In an increasingly complex information society

The group that provides the IT solution is called the solution vendor or solution service provider.
As a result of the sophistication of the business, it has become much more complicated and it has become impossible to solve the problem by implementing a simple information system.
The complexity of IT solutions is also increasing, and the effort to build systems such as connecting customer systems and databases and establishing links with other business systems is also a good deal.
For this reason, companies are not only able to solve problems through in-house information systems and there is a trend to use external solution vendors to solve problems as a group.
This requires a variety of team members and teams with technical capabilities.

IoT is also a tool for Problem solving

IOT Internet of things Digital transformation Modern Technology concept on virtual screen

In some cases, it can only be resolved by the system as described above, and in other cases it cannot be resolved without data collection and analysis.
Therefore, recently, we are increasingly using IoT to solve problems. IoT is also a way to solve the problems of some companies and individuals.
IoT is divided into devices like sensors and systems that detect them and display them via the Internet. It’s a bit compact, but it’s also a solution.
Although IoT is a solution that makes many people jump when they hear their name, IoT basically solves problems and enhances customer convenience through devices, internet and software.
There is a difference in what to use to fix it, but IoT is also a great solution.

Differences between IT solutions and IoT solutions

So how are IT solutions and IoT solutions different?
First of all, IT solutions solve problems using only computer systems.
There are many methods and there are client-server types and web system types. And the cloud type has just been introduced. An IT solution is to build a system using only computers.

The difference between IoT solutions, on the other hand, is that they use “things” like sensors and devices.
For example, smart homes, sensors, devices, etc. Similar temperatures, humidity, opening and closing doors and are used to instantly notify the smartphone via the internet. The system can also analyze the data collected using artificial intelligence.

Thinking this way, you can see that IoT solutions are often compact and complex.
IT solutions are plentiful, but IoT solutions are often familiar and convenient.
However, the systems running behind IoT Solutions are extremely complex and sophisticated.
While IT solutions require a general knowledge of computer software, IoT solutions require some knowledge of hardware such as sensors and devices.
The feature of IoT Solutions is that the finished product is compact but requires extensive knowledge and technology for the backbone.

About the need to connect to the net

In some cases, IT solutions are not connected to the Internet.
In most cases, it is complete with an in-house LAN and does not require the internet.
Some internal networks use HTTP layers, but they are not connected to external networks.

However, the internet is necessary because IoT will spread to wider society.
Sensors and devices search for data and display analyzed information from the Internet to systems and software.
Therefore, IoT solutions cannot be achieved without an Internet environment. It can be said that IoT solutions came into existence as the Internet evolved.

First, the name IoT itself is an acronym for the Internet of Things, so the Internet is essential for IoT.
There is no point in connecting a smartphone to the Internet to get information.
Everything is connected to the Internet and the sensors, devices, software, artificial intelligence, smartphone applications, applications, etc. come together and act as a single system that solves the problems of companies and individuals.

Summary: IT and IoT Solutions

We have explained the IT solutions and IoT solutions and the differences.
IT solutions primarily use information systems to solve customer questions, and IoT Solutions is a system that solves problems on the Internet of Things connected.
In the broadest sense, both are solutions.
In other words, technology solves the great challenges facing people and companies. IT solutions require a lot of software knowledge, but even limited knowledge like hardware, etc. can be acquired for IT solutions.